REACH - Jimmy teaches at the summer enrichment program for REACH which offers free classes and activities to Black and Latino low/moderate-income students. Reach prepares students for CT and NY colleges, motivating them to assume leadership roles and guiding them to use their academic, artistic and athletic talents to mentor others and achieve their personal and professional goals.


Horizons - As an educator and Master Teacher, Jimmy conducts workshops for the Horizons Student Enrichment Program for high-risk, inner-city children whose family lives at or close to the poverty level.


Harmony Nation, founded by Jimmy, consists of skits and dancing performed by teens to educate children about the dangers of bullying and to explore conflict resolution through compassion and respect. Click here to view clip.


Jimmy joins Dr. Michael Hawkins who was invited by The International Center for Christian Leadership to minister at the East Africa International Conference 2008 in Kenya, Africa. Jimmy choreographed and danced in “Net Mending: A Proclamation in Music and Movement,” written by Dr.Hawkins with Music by John Brockenberry. This ministry of dance is captured in video and a pictorial journey in Kenya and Egypt.



"It is always significant when an artist like Jimmy Locust, who has received such acclaim from the world, gives back in service to humanity." (read more)

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