"My vision for the company is to find a solid blend where emotion and technique equally project a concept where the audience and community will feel and react positively to the moving imagery absorbed by their eyes."     
- Jimmy Locust

Locust Contemporary Dance Works is a touring jazz company with a ballet/modern influence, with groundbreaking choreography and imagery that inspires young and old alike. Locust Contemporary Dance Works provides a visual outlet for all levels of dance appreciation and brings a highly emotional flair to the arena of company work. The company takes a serious approach to enlightening society with a straight forward look at jazz dance and maintains a respect for the art of jazz and other techniques from yesterday and today. Video 1     Video 2 

Locust Technique, written and published by Jimmy Locust, is a new Dance Instruction System for beginner to advanced dancers based on a lifetime of international choreography experience with some of the biggest names in the entertainment business.

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